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The Year 2017 activity report

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Disaster Relief

1)               From Jan 07 to Jan 14, TCF visited and donated gift packages to 800 families in flood-affected areas of Thưa Thien Hue. The value of each package = 670000 VND = 30 USD in which included 10kgs of rice, one box of instant noodles, over-the-counter medicine, soap, 1 liter of cooking oil, one bottle of soy sauce, and 300000 VND cash. Thanks so much for your trust and generous supports. Total = 24,000 USD

     In the first week of June – 2016, TCF organized an emergency disaster relief mission to support the fisherman families of the coastal villages of central Vietnam who were victims of the environmental disaster from the toxic discharged by the Taiwanese-owned company period June 2016. Due to a limited budget, we only distributed gift packages to 600 families in coastal villages of Quang Dien and Phu Vang, Thua Thien-Hue, each package valued at 30 USD -> Total 18,000 USD.

         On Sunday, 23/10/2016, TCF traveled to Quang Sơn to distribute gifts to 500 families victims of the devastating flood in October 2016. Quảng Sơn is one of Ba Don district's mountainous communities, Quang Binh province, hit by the massive flooding in October 2016. Quảng Sơn is a farming village; crop and livestock are the two main productions that provide a significant income source for the inhabitants. The flood disaster has caused massive losses of livestock, property, and farming products in the area. Each gift package's value was VND 630.000 (28 USD), including cash, 10kgs rice, one box of instant noodles, confectionery, medicine, soap, and blankets for the elderly and children. Total 14,000 USD.

Community healthcare program

TCF has performed medical trips to remote areas where health care is underserved or difficult to obtain. We served around 200 patients on each trip through examinations, treatments, dispensing drugs, and donating gift packages. The number of patients being served in 2017 reached 1000. Through these missions, many patients with life-threatening illnesses and many human trafficked survivors were found.

Along with medical missions, we also carried out a series of community healthcare awareness programs.  We conducted training on various health and hygiene matters, women and children in remote villages. Our efforts helped the communities see the link between health and hygiene conditions for better health and better quality of life.

Each gift package valued 15 USD;  Total cost medical mission was 15 x 1100 = 15,000 USD