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Self-Empowerment Program (SEP)

TCF creates Self-Empower Program for trafficked survivors, people at greater risk of being trafficked, and disabled women with the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency and self-empowerment for them. We provide materials and machines and hire professional tailors to train the women to produce recycled bags, blankets, and clothes. The skills attained after this training program enables them to either apply for jobs in sewing factories or stay with the TCF sewing group to earn money by making recycled bags. This program not only provides additional tools for them to achieve both financial and self-empowerment but also enables them with a means that they can contribute to their families.

Sewing and Knitting

 Through the Sewing and Knitting program,  we purchased blankets, warm jackets, and beanies made by the participants in the SEP program and give them to the needy people in the high mountain and disaster-affected areas. 

We collect all used rice bags and turn them into functional eco-conscious tole bags. Most people in the countryside use our recycled bags for their daily use.

The assistance program for the disabled 

This program aims to provide people with disabilities the farming tools, sewing machines, wheelchairs, and bicycles to achieve sustainable outcomes and improve their working-life quality, health, and quality of life.