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Community Healthcare 

Medical Mission

Medical aids to tribal people in highland and people in coastal villages

TCF organizes the medical mission trips (long trips and short trips)  to Thua Thien Hue's remote areas (either to the high mountain or swampy villages along the coast). Each long trip is seven days long; the Traditional Medical (eastern medicine) team stays in the village to treat (acupuncture and acupressure), distribute medicine, and educate people on healthcare issues. The western medical doctors and nurses mainly carry out short trips. There around 1000 patients on the 7-day trip and 300 patients on each 1-day trip through examinations, treatments and dispensing drugs, and donating gift packs to each patient. The total number of patients being served on all trips could reach 2000.


Hygiene program to remote villages

We carry out a series of awareness programs and conducted training on various health and hygiene matters, women and children in remote villages. Our efforts helped the communities see the link between health and hygiene conditions for better health and better quality of life.

Community toilets and public bathrooms    

Due to financial difficulties and low awareness of the potential health risk, open defecation using and bathing in contaminated creek water continue to be a social practice in rural areas. TCF has been building the community toilet and public bathrooms to eliminate open defecation for better sanitation and hygiene practices and a long-term positive impact on rural communities' quality of life.

CleanWater (installing Hand Dug Wells)


 This project enables local people to have access to clean water. As a result, the residents there are less prone to water-related diseases and illnesses. The well-water is delivered to pipes going to homes directly from a pump. The water from the well is also an excellent water source for farming and raising livestock. 

Medical Aids and Nutrition for children

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Support the  terminal illness children

TCF has been providing monthly aids to terminal illness children for their medicine and food expenses. Each child received 50 USD/month.  Apart, we also donated money to the children who encountered unexpected accidents in the last years.

Nutrition for the children

Nutrition has long been at the core of the TCF Community Healthcare Program. Most children in remote communities and rural areas do not have enough nutrition in their daily meals. Proper nutrition is essential to children's growth, cognitive development. TCF has been providing milk to thousands of children every year.