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TCF Year 2021 - Activities

Tet gifts (New Year) for the needy

From 1st to 6th of February 2021, TCF team members distributed 220 red money envelopes to the street food vendors/sellers, the bicycle delivery riders, lottery sellers around Huê City and suburbs. Apart from donating the money, the TCF team also handed out the masks and soaps to protect the recipients against COVID-19. We hope this help will contribute small moments of love and happiness to their family on the Vietnamese New Year’s day

Winter Relief

n Sunday, 10/01/2021, and Saturday, 30/01/2021, We distributed 200 gift packages to 200 needy families in Giang Hai, a coastal community along the Tam Giang lagoon of Thua Thien Hue; and 200 families in Dong Tan, a mountainous village of Huong Thuy province. Each family in Giang Hai and Dong Tan received a gift package values at 550,000 VND = 35 AUD, including 20 AUD cash and 15 AUD of rice, beanies, and blankets.

Disaster Relief Phase 3

On Sunday, 17/01/2021, the TCF team returned to Huong Viet to help all 370 families in the community with practical gifts such as hoes, shovels, pots, knives, dry food, rice, canned food, and cash to help them get through the harsh winter in the high mountain.

Warm Winter for Children

In January 2021, we donated 250 blankets and 250 beanies to 250 children at the Huong Viet childcare center and kindergarten. We also donated 600 warm jackets and 400 blankets to 12 childcare centers in the highland communities.