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Anti-human Trafficking campaign

       Fight against human trafficking has become a significant effort of TCF in the last five years. TCF has found and assisted four groups of victims of human trafficking (sexual exploitation or forced labor). They primarily come from the coastal areas or the mountainous area of Thua Thien Hue and Quang Tri. The victims are frequently misinformed or deceived by traffickers with promises then taken to big cities to be sold into prostitution or exploited for private household/sweatshop jobs in unfavorable working and living conditions.  Once the victims fled or were rescued, TCF then helped them with treatment, found a place for them to stay (for those who dared not come back to their families), and then encouraged them to return to school or vocational training depending on what is feasible and available.

Human Trafficking Awareness workshop  

     We are raising awareness by working with the local women's society to provide information to the young girls' parents about the risk factors of human trafficking crime and how education can help the girls for better futures.

      TCF has been working with several women unions of remote communities and Hue City to organize human trafficking campaigns to discuss the dangers of trafficking, identify the criminals (traffickers) and their victims, share experience, and exchange information. The study also identified a high risk of HIV/AIDS transmission, social evils, and human trafficking that these migrant workers may face.

Adult Literacy classes

Each year, TCF  organizes 2  Adult Literacy classes for women (age from 25 to 50, whereas some are survivors/victims of human/labor trafficking) in Thua Thien Hue's remote village. The Adult Literacy program aims to help the participants improving their self-confidence and self-esteem.     

The Self-empower Program



Weaving net



 TCF has been helping the trafficked survivors and women at-risk areas through sewing or knitting programs.  TCF provides materials and machines and hires professional tailors to train the women to produce recycled bags, blankets, and clothes. The skills attained after this training program enables them to either apply for jobs in sewing factories or stay with the TCF sewing group to earn money by making recycled bags. This program provides these women additional tools to help achieve both financial and self-empowerment and provide them with a means by which they can contribute to their families.