As approved by Department of Medicine of Thua Thien Hue Province, The Free clinic “Nhân
    Ái” was opened for operation from 29-May- 2010 in An Cựu City, Nhan Ai Clinic is a private
    clinic established and financed by Physician LeQuy Nguu and his wife (physician Trân Thi
    Như Đức) to serve underprivileged patients from all over places.

    Currently, the clinic comprises a team of 6 medical doctors, who are competent in
    qualification and code of medical practice in accordance with the Vietnamese prevailing
    regulations. The clinic consists of 11 sick beds, machinery and equipment for medical
    treatment by the method of Acupuncture and Medicinal Herbs. In addition, the clinic also has
    a compartment, which is used for pharma- ceutical preliminary and for making
    pharmaceutical finished products on the spot to serve the patients.
    Patients, who come to Nhan Ai Clinic, are entitled to health check, acupunctural treatment,
    medicine taking on the spot and totally free follow-up of health progress for outpatient.
    Medicine is given to patients on daily basic. Each treatment course lasts 10 days, after each
    course patients can come back if they want to.
    The commonly seen pathologies are the severely chronic diseases in the community such as:
  • Bakache, sciatica, shoulder pain, joint rheumatism.
  • Depression, sequelae of a cerebral vascular accident (hemiplegia), facial paralysis,
    headache, vertigo, anorexia and insomnia.
  • Menstrual disorder, pre and post-partum depression, leukorrhea, etc.
    Approximate 30-50 patients are entitled to the method of Vietnamese traditional acupuncture
    and medicines every day.
    Apart from the provision of on-the-spot treatment, the clinic also proactively coordinates and
    provides the mobile free clinics for the poor people living in the remote and isolated areas of
    Thua Thien Hue Province.
    Our clinic principle is to enable the poor or disabled people to be entitled to health check and
    health treatment. For the purpose of long-term and effective charitable activities for the benefit
    of the poor people, we need further your kind-hearted contribution locally and internationally.
    Due to space limited the NACL only has 15 beds; thereafter patients are treated 3 shifts. This a
    walk-in clinic so no pre-appointment required. However, in order to save the waiting time,
    please call before you come to ensure there is bed available for you. (Phone: +84 54 224 3785).
    Due to limited budget, Nhan Ái clinic is currently only open in the morning.
    Nhan Ai CLN  is a self-funded clinic therefore all donations/supports are greatly appreciated.
The 100% free clinic for the poor
NHAN AI always
searches for the
compassionate hearts
of gold for a better
A shared hand, A shared heart and a devoted service for the benefit of poor patients.

    Address: B.21 NUMBER 7 Str. An Cuu City
             THUY AN Urban Planning Zone, HUE , VIETNAM
    Phone: +84 054.2243785; +84 054.3828215
               +84 0983 405744,   +84 0905 137066

Welcome to Nhan Ai Free Clinic-ANCUU CITY