• VA-Ngo Reception, March - 01 - 2008,
    Hue VA-NGO Resource Center
Music: DoMiNo
Performed by: Hoang Trang (guitar)
    ANh Dung (Mandolin)
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Ta Vui Ca Vang of Van Phung
October 15: Fund Raising
    Home party (Jewelery ) at Ngoc & Anh
    residence in Singapore
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October 04: Education Mission
    - Bicycles for poor students
    - Complete Stage 1 of Thuy Bang library project
September (27 -> Oct 03): Nam Dong
Medical Mission_ND_0908: Examination, treatment, distributing medicine to 900 tribal patients in Thuong Long, Nam
Dong + 80 patients in Pha' Tam Giang, Phu Vang Hue and 40 elderlies in Dieu Vien Elderly Center
April 30 -> May 05: Medical Mission in tribal village (Nham), Aluoi
July (5 - 2008): Fundraising Concert, St Joseph Church, Springvale. Melbourne, Australia
Feb: (25 -> 29): Visiting Handicaps and patients in remote villages
March (01-04):
The VA-NGO Reception, March - 2008, HUE
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Jan: Disaster Relief for 1500 flood victims in rural areas of Hue; Hai Lang (Quang Tri); Quang Dien; Phong Dien and Phu Vang;

  • TCF Fundraising Concert: July - 05- 2008, Melbourne, Australia
Australia Fund Raise Event - July - 2008

  • TCF Fundraising Party, Oct - 2008, Singapore.
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